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Collaboration and Consultation with Faith-Based Institutions

In addition to individual, couples, or family therapy, we can also facilitate workshops on mental health topics to faith-based organizations. Topics may include: stress management, anger management, grief or bereavement, building self-esteem, or conflict management in intimate relationships. We also provide in-service training for clergy and youth counselors who work with children and adolescents in their organizations. Trainings on topics such as suicidal behavior, signs of abuse, and bullying behavior equip leaders with the ability to recognize signs in the congregation and know when it is appropriate to refer a person to outside help.  

​If you have questions about faith-based counseling or would like to incorporate your religious or spiritual beliefs into the counseling process, please call us at
(630) 256-8007.

Faith-Based Counseling

We understandthat some of our clients believe in a higher power and would like to integrate their values and beliefs into the counseling process. 

If you would like to incorporate your spirituality or religious beliefs into counseling, Oasis Mental Health has a dedicated clinician who offers therapy with a religious or spiritual frame of reference.

Stacy Ellis, Ph.D. takes a faith-based integrative approach to therapy that acknowledges psychological (emotions, cognitions, and behavior), biological (medical and pharmacological), spiritual (faith, religion, and spirituality), and social (family and environment) aspects that influence a client’s life.

​She is open to collaborating with the spiritual leaders or clergy in your life and is committed to assisting you in living a full and meaningful life.